Remedy’s fantastic cult-classic survival horror game Alan Wake has returned to Steam.

The fantastic horror title was delisted back in May following the expiration of music licenses. Alan Wake’s format as a faux-episodic title saw every one of the game’s “episodes” book-ended by licensed music – the collector’s edition even had a nifty little soundtrack. Fans of the game may even remember the game prominently featuring two elderly characters that were part of a band whose music was played diegetically at numerous points throughout the title.

Remedy announced the return of the game on Twitter last night, along with the news of a discounted price for the Halloween season. In a follow-up tweet, they announced that Microsoft was able to renegotiate the rights to the game’s licensed music so that no changes had to be made.

Alan Wake isn’t back on the Xbox Live marketplace yet, although you can pick up a physical copy and pop it in to circumvent that issue. It should be back sometime soon, though, according to tweets from Remedy’s Communications Director.

Alan Wake is still available on Amazon right now for Xbox 360,[amazon_textlink asin=’B0010AYJXI’ text=’ buy it here’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mspoweruser-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’77e09c3f-d906-11e8-9d75-81f44db9b621′].