Sony refunding digital pre-orders of The Last of Us 2 after indefinite delay

April 7, 2020
Last of Us 2 install

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The recent indefinite delay The Last of Us 2 is being taken seriously by Sony as the company is actually handing out refunds.

Following the news of the PlayStation 4 exclusive’s delay without issuing a new release date, Sony is automatically refunding pre-orders of the game’s digital release.

Anyone who pre-ordered the title in the PlayStation Store will now be automatically refunded for their purchase. If you’ve pre-ordered the title through the PlayStation Store, you should soon receive an email with notice of your refund.

Sony has even gone as far as to remove the PlayStation Store page for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive. While the store page recently saw the removal of the pre-order button, Sony has now removed the game’s listing entirely. While Naughty Dog games often see delays, their store pages have never been completely removed following one.

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The Last of Us 2 isn’t the only game on Sony’s exclusives list to be treated this way. Anyone who pre-ordered the upcoming Iron Man VR for PSVR will also be seeing a refund soon. The game’s store page has also been completely removed.

PlayStation’s other big exclusive of the year, Ghost of Tsushima, has yet to be delayed. The title launches on PlayStation consoles on June 26th.

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