Sony is taking on camera developers GoPro with a new in-development Sony bodycam harness with a removable action camera.

While the Japanese hardware company is currently rearing up for the upcoming PlayStation 5 and the next-generation of Bravia TVs, the company is still planning on moving into new markets.

Action cameras, mostly used for extreme sports, aren’t a new area of development for Sony, but the Japanese manufacturer is certainly coming in strong with the developmement of a bodycam harness with a removable action camera.

Revealed through the patent hunters over at LetsGoDigital, the upcoming Sony technology has already been granted by the Japan Patent Office. The now-released patent details the company’s new camera harness through both sketches and 3D renders.

Sony’s harness is designed to not only hold a small GoPro-sized action camera, but also to be a tight harness in general. Designed with a strict rubber material, the Sony bodycam is supposed to stay tight even during quick movements.

The product’s rubber mesh is manufactured to create a breathable design so that the bodycam doesn’t restrict the users movements. For high-speed extreme sports like skydiving, snowboarding, Motorcross and more, a breathable design is a must.

As LetsGoDigital points out, Sony’s new design could be used for recording professional sports events from a more intimate angle. For example, football or wrestling referees could wear the bodycam as a way of filming closer to the action.

However, we all know which industry will most likely end up using it and it’s not safe enough for our work.