Amazon Alexa can now control your Sony Bravia TVs, Air Conditioners and more

Amazon has announced a better compatibility of Alexa devices with home electronics in India. The company launched Alexa last year in India and has been working to make sure the device is compatible in India. Starting this month, Alexa will be able to control more than few LED lights and switches.

With the introduction of Alexa and hands-free voice in the home, we think customers are seeing now- more than ever- that Smart Home isn’t as complicated as many people once thought. We still consider ourselves at Day 1 with Alexa and the Smart Home—but we’re excited by the early response from Smart Home device manufacturers and happy to offer customers with more Smart Home devices that work with Alexa.

– Puneesh Kumar, Country Manager for Alexa Experience & Devices, Amazon India

Alexa can now control Voice remotes like Oakter’s OakRemote and Silver Sirus. Alexa can also control AC and can lower or raise the room temperature. Users can also take advantage of Alexa and set a routine to perform a set of actions with a single command.

Not only this, Amazon has also partnered with Sony to add Alexa to selected Bravia TVs. Owners of Alexa-enabled Bravia TVs will be able to ask the digital assistant to change the volume, search for content, and even changing the input.

Amazon recently announced Echo Spot in India and is dominating the Indian market with affordable smart speakers. If you’re interested then you can grab one from Amazon India and from selected Electronic chains in India.

Via: My Smart Price