Sold Out: Google Stadia Founder’s Editions are all pre-ordered


19, 2019

Google Stadia is proving to be successful with the service’s Founders Edition becoming sold out in most of Europe.

Stadia’s Founder’s Edition was touted as the service’s premium set. Priced at £119/$129, the physical package would include a Chromecast Ultra, a Limited Edition Black Stadia controller and three months of Google Stadia Pro.

The company will be replacing the sold out pre-order set with a newer Premium Edition. This new set is very similar to the now unavailable package. Inside the box, customers can expect to get the same Chromecast Ultra and 3 months of Stadia Pro, but this new bundle includes a white controller and Destiny 2.

Google has yet to comment on how many units of the now unavailable packages were actually sold.

Stadia’s upcoming November release is at least planning to come with some interesting games. However, most of Stadia’s highly touted titles aren’t available until next year. Watch Dogs Legion, Cyberpunk 2077 and more are coming to the service post-launch.

With US data caps being a harsh reality, and with Stadia being so data hungry, it’s still a wonder whether the service will be heavily adopted. However, with p, the company could be working on a deal with data providers.

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