Watch Dogs Legion is no longer just a teaser or a leak; we’ve finally seen gameplay for the upcoming open-world title.

Playing as citizens of a post-Brexit London, this third title in the Watch Dogs franchise sees you building a resistance. The gameplay demo shows players in the shoes of everything from a middle-aged Londoner to an Elderly British woman.

In the demo, the player was tasked with scouting and recruiting a drone expert. Each citizen has their own perks and occupations; you’ll have to think carefully about who you recruit.

Upon your first death, it appears that you can choose to keep going for an extra stab at it. If you die a second time, however, permadeath will creep its head.

After the fantastic Watch Dogs 2, Watch Dogs Legion seems to be an entirely unique sequel that looks absolutely bonkers. I know I’m going to spend most of my time playing as members of the elderly; DedSec is coming out of retirement.

With everyone having a reason to fight against the oppressive extremist post-Brexit London, you’ll be able to play as a huge and varied cast of characters. Just like Smash Bros Ultimate, everyone is here.

Watch Dogs Legion releases March 6th, 2020.