Smartphones with 200W+ fast charging system coming next year

by Rahul
November 4, 2020

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Next year, a lot of exciting smartphone technologies will finally go mainstream. According to the famous tipster Digital Chat Station, next year is when we’ll see smartphones with 200W+ fast-charging system. Though, the tipster didn’t give us a word on the time it’d take to fully charge the battery. But what we do know is that a smartphone with a 200W fast-charging system is likely to generate a lot of heat while charging and is also likely to make the battery degrade faster as compared to a slower fast-charging system. It’d be interesting to see how companies deal with these issues.

The tipster also claims that Xiaomi’s Mi Mix 4 smartphone won’t launch anytime soon and while this is definitely bad news for Mi fans, the mass production of the internal folding display will begin next year. This means we could see more manufacturers trying their luck in making their first foldable smarpthone.  The under-display selfie camera is another technology that many manufacturers are going to adopt next year, according to the tipster.

We don’t know anything about the companies that are going to adopt these technologies, but Xiaomi confirmed that it’s working on an under-display selfie camera. So, we can assume that Xiaomi’s first in-display selfie camera phone is coming next year. The company also filed some patents for its first-ever foldable smarpthone, but the Chinese tech giants didn’t share any details on that. Other companies that are said to be working on foldable smartphones are Apple, Sony, LG.

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