Skype for Windows updated with new video call limit, more

We posted two weeks ago that Skype was testing a new video call participants limit with Insiders. That improvement is now rolling out to all Skype desktop users with an update for that app to version

The changelog reads:

  • Group video calls with 50 people – First Skype supported a maximum of 25 participants for group video calls. With today’s update, the maximum number of people who can participate in a group video call rises to 50.
  • Notifications instead of ringing – For group video calls, notifications will be sent instead of using the more intrusive ringing tone. The option is still available, but it is not enabled by default.
  • Skype Windows 10 video calling groups
  • Email Notifications – In the Skype settings, under the heading Notifications, two options to receive e-mail reminders for missed calls and unread messages have been added. The options are active by default.

Skype users can download the Skype desktop app here for either Windows or macOS, or the Windows 10 version from the Microsoft Store.