Siri may have leaked Apple’s next HomePod

February 15, 2022
Apple HomePod

Despite no official announcement from Apple, Siri appears to be leaking to some HomePod users that a new iteration of the smart speaker with a screen is on the way.

After discontinuing the first generation of HomePods last year, in favour of the HomePod Mini, Apple has been rather secretive about the next smart speaker they’ve got up their sleeves however Siri seems to not have gotten the memo about keeping quiet.

According to Reddit user u/totalsoda, as spotted by ScreenRant, Siri has been telling them that answers to their questions are being “displayed on your HomePod,” suggesting the smart speaker has more than just a colourful array of lights to show when it’s speaking.

While some users have been quick to dismiss this as just a bug from Apple’s voice assistant, others believe it could be an inadvertent leak about a new HomePod in the works, one which would feature a screen to display information on, similar to Google’s Nest Hub and Amazon’s Echo Show devices.

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While it is currently unclear just when, or even if, this new generation of HomePods will launch, this isn’t the first we’ve heard about the possibility of a new smart speaker from Apple. Last year Bloomberg reported that the new HomePod is in “early development,” after also revealing that Apple is planning to combine the companies TV set-top box with a HomePod speaker.

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