Sea of Thieves has had its best month ever

August 17, 2021
Sea of Thieves

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Sea of Thieves amassed a record 4.8 million players this month according to Rare thanks to the release of Sea of Thieves: A Pirate’s Life.

Released as part of the game’s Season Three of content, the free A Pirate’s Life expansion introduced new story content to the game which featured iconic characters from Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, though sadly without the films cast reprising their roles. 

This new Pirates of the Caribbean expansion, as well as all the enjoyable content already within Sea of Thieves, made June Rare’s best-ever month yet, with “4.8 million active pirates out on the water,” according to their recent news post

“On behalf of everyone on the Sea of Thieves team, I just want to thank everyone in the community who’s played A Pirates Life and supported us, it means so much to us,” Sea of Thieves creative director Mike Chapman said in an update video to commemorate the success of the expansion. 

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If the A Pirate’s Life expansion wasn’t enough Pirates of the Caribbean content for you then luckily Rare has even more on offer, with a suite of cosmetics coming to the Pirate Emporium as part of the August update, which allows you to decorate your ship with the Cursed Ferryman Ship Collection, or yourself with the Davy Jones Cursed Costume Set.

With Sea of Thieves seeing such great success, we can expect it to stick around for a long while to come yet, so be on the lookout for more swashbuckling adventures and updates coming to the high seas.

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