Samsung killed the power button on Galaxy Note 10 but there is no reason to panic

A couple of days back Samsung announced the brand new Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. While we knew almost everything about the device including the sad demise of the 3.5mm headphone jack, there’s one thing we might have missed at the first glance.

With the Note 10, Samsung improved its button placement and now has just three buttons: volume buttons and the power/Bixby button. As the power button now doubles as Bixby button, there’s no button to turn the device off if needed. Samsung did, however, put a toggle in the notification tray that triggers the different power options like power off and restart. Unfortunately, the button can’t be revamped at the moment as Samsung is being stubborn about their virtual assistant, aka Bixby.

One thing users might ask is what should someone do if their device freezes while using. Well, in that case, users can press the volume down and power button together to force a reboot. This shortcut works on almost all the Android devices so we do hope the same’s true for Galaxy Note 10 as well.

One would argue that the best thing Samsung could have done was to add a software feature to allow users to revamp the power button according to their needs. However, as history tells us, Samsung hasn’t been comfortable with the option in the past and has continued the same when it comes to Galaxy Note 10. We do hope that Samsung adds the revamp option in the future using a software update but it seems unlikely at this point.