Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Versus S22 Ultra: Which one’s better?

March 1, 2022

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S22 Ultra is at the top tier of the newly released S22 series. It looks really tempting as it has the highest specs among all the handsets included in the line, but does it really stand out compared to S21 Ultra? Join us in this short yet informative comparison between the two S series devices.

S21 Ultra and S22 Ultra Comparison Table
S21 Ultra and S22 Ultra Comparison Table

Unlike the lower models in the S21 and S22 series, the differences between the S21 Ultra and S22 Ultra are much more evident. The former has 5 dark colors, while the latter offers 7 livelier shades. As for the dimensions of their body, there is little difference. The good news about S22 Ultra, though, is the addition of the S-Pen that you can store in the slot on the bottom frame of the unit. This is big news for people who are still hooked on the charm of the Galaxy Note line.

Both phones also have the same sizes of screens, but S22 benefits from the 1750nit rating and improved refresh rate, allowing the phone to have a smooth transition capability and stay bright even when used under daylight.

On the other hand, you’ll notice the big difference in the RAM and internal storage of the two S series phones. The RAM of S21 Ultra comes with two options of 16GB and 12GB, while the S22 Ultra only has 8GB and a max of 12GB RAM. This, however, is compensated with the inclusion of the latest 4nm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 CPU in the S22 Ultra to deliver better performance. And although the battery capacity of the S22 remains the same, the processor will allow better power efficiency.

The cameras of the S21 Ultra and S22 Ultra also look similar: same 108MP (f/2.2) wide, 12MP (f/2.2) ultrawide, and 10MP (f2.4 / f4.9) telephoto lens. Nonetheless, Samsung claims that the S22 Ultra can shoot sharper photos due to the tweaks made. Here is the detailed comparison of the camera lenses of the two:

S21 Ultra and S22 Ultra Camera Comparison
S21 Ultra and S22 Ultra Camera Comparison

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