Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 series last month and all the new Galaxy phones have received mixed response from the public. Last week iFixit picked up the Galaxy S20 Ultra to see how well the phone is constructed and if it will be easy to repair the phone if needed.

Unfortunately for Samsung, the Galaxy S20 Ultra scored 3 on iFixit’s repairability scale. Today, iFixit got their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus and the results weren’t different. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus also scored 3 out of 10 on iFixit’s scale and had the same problems as its expensive counterpart. iFixit noted the following reasons for giving Galaxy S20 Plus such a low score:

  • The fasteners, all identical Phillips screws, only require one driver and can’t be mixed up, simplifying repair.
  • Many components are modular and independently replaceable, but the missing headphone jack means double duty and wear for the USB-C port.
  • Every repair starts with painstakingly un-gluing the fragile glass rear cover.
  • Replacing the glued-down battery is tougher than ever, especially with board interconnect cables to work around.
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Samsung Galaxy S20 series is definitely not the most repairable smartphone which is a shame as the new Galaxy Buds+ retailed the crown as the most repairable earbud in the market.