Details of Samsung’s upcoming Exynos processor just leaked online

by Rahul
March 3, 2021
Samsung Exynos processor

Last year, Samsung ditched the custom CPU cores to adopt the standard ARM designs for its future Exynos processors. Experts believe that this move will finally make Exynos processors as powerful as, if not better than the Snapdragon ones. And we’re starting to see the results: we recently heard that one of Samsung’s upcoming Exynos SoCs that has an AMD GPU beat Apple’s A14 Bionic in benchmark testing.

However, we didn’t have much information about Samsung’s upcoming Exynos processor, but now thanks to tipster Ice Universe, we have some knowledge about the upcoming processors. According to the tipster, Samsung will launch Exynos 8xx, Exynos 12xx, and Exynos 22xx series SoCs in 2021. And if Pocketnow is to be believed, Exynos 8xx, Exynos 12xx will power the mid-range Galaxy-A and Galaxy-M smartphones, while the Exynos 22xx series will be for flagship phones and ARM laptops.

According to tipster @TheGalox_, the flagship Exynos processor will have two versions — one for mobile and the other for ARM laptops. And surprisingly, the laptop version will be 20% faster than the mobile version, as per the tipster.

How many of you’re excited about Samsung’s upcoming Exynos chipsets? Let us know down in the comments.

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