Samsung beats the Surface Neo to the punch with first Lakefield processor device

At the Samsung Developer Conference 2019 (SDC19), Samsung today revealed the new Galaxy Book line up. This lineup consists of three devices: Galaxy Book S, Galaxy Book Flex and Galaxy Book Ion. While the Flex and Ion devices are powered by Intel 10th gen processors, the Galaxy Book S will be powered by Intel’s next generation Lakefield processor. It is the same processor that will power the upcoming Surface Neo device from Microsoft.

Recently, we heard rumors that Intel developed Lakefield processor based on a specific request from Microsoft, but it looks like Samsung was also very much interested in the processor. Intel specifically mentioned that Samsung Galaxy Book S is expected to be the first device to arrive in market based on Lakefield and it will feature LTE support. I hope Microsoft will also ship Surface Neo with LTE built-in.

Lakefield mobile processor combines a hybrid CPU with Intel’s Foveros 3D packaging technology allowing OEMs like Microsoft to design new thin-and-light form factors. This new processor is built on latest 10nm process and Foveros advanced packaging technology, so it achieves a significant reduction in standby power, core area (12x12x1 mm) and package height when compared to previous generations of technology. Lakefield hybrid CPU architecture combines “Tremont” cores with a performance scalable “Sunny Cove” core to deliver computing performance and next-generation graphics at low power for long battery life. Last week, Intel revealed new details about the Tremont, the most advanced low-power x86 CPU architecture. You can read about it here.

Source: Intel