Intel details Tremont CPU architecture that will power dual-screen Microsoft Surface Neo



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Early this month, Microsoft revealed a revolutionary dual-screen device named Surface Neo. The Surface Neo device will be powered by an unique Intel processor code-named “Lakefield.” Lakefield mobile processor combines a hybrid CPU architecture ( “Tremont” cores with a performance scalable “Sunny Cove” core) with Intel’s Foveros 3D packaging technology that is designed for thin-and-light form factors. Lakefield processor is built on latest 10nm process and Foveros advanced packaging technology, so it achieves a significant reduction in standby power, core area (12x12x1 mm) and package height when compared to previous generations of technology. Today, Intel revealed new details about the Tremont, the most advanced low-power x86 CPU architecture. Read the details below.

  • Tremont delivers significant IPC (instructions per cycle) gains gen-over-gen compared with Intel’s prior low-power x86 architectures.
  • Tremont is designed for enhanced processing power in compact, low-power packages.
  • Tremont includes several advancements in ISA (instruction set architecture), microarchitecture, security and power management.
  • Tremont’s unique 6-wide (2×3-wide clustered) out-of-order decoder in the front end allows for a more efficient feed to the wider back end, which is fundamental for performance.
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