Sony announced the PlayStation 5 the other day, which came complete with some pretty impressive hardware details. There’s now rumours abound that the next-gen Xbox is, actually, slated to be even more powerful than Sony’s next console.

Journalist Ainsley Bowden (Porshapwr on Twitter) said that ‘multiple insiders’ have confirmed that the next Xbox will be ‘more advanced’ than the PlayStation 5.

Bowden also apparently confirmed that the next Xbox is currently codenamed ‘Anaconda’, something we’ve reported on in the past.

When asked about just how reputable his sources were, Bowden said that they weren’t necessarily his sources. However, they are reliable known sources who have a good track record for reputable Microsoft and Xbox leaks.

Bowden also said that this ‘shouldn’t be surprising’, as Microsoft had already announced that they’d only have the most powerful hardware for their next-gen console.

According to a Wired exclusive with PlayStation lead architect Mark Cerny, the PlayStation 5 is set to feature third-generation Ryzen technology with a GPU based on AMD Radeon Navi. It’ll support ray tracing, meaning everything will look even better than usual.

Paired with the fact that the PS5 will have support for 8K displays, this console is set to easily be the most graphically impressive PlayStation console yet.

The console is backward compatible, allowing users to play both PS4 and PSVR games on the console. The PlayStation 5 is also set to abandon an internal mechanical hard drive in favour of an SSD.

Sources: Ainsley Bowden on Twitter [1] [2] and Wired.