Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB5000802 introduced an error which led to a Blue Screen of Death with error code APC_INDEX_MISMATCH. Microsoft released an out of band patch KB5001567 intended to fix the issue on the 15th of March, but unfortunately, some users are reporting that it has not fixed the issue and has indeed introduced new ones.

German site Günter Born published an article on the issue and reports some users are still experiencing BSOD when they print. Others are finding that no images are printed when they print or some parts of the images are missing, and Office documents with images embedded do not print properly. Born is suggesting there is a bug in the  GDI, the Graphics Device Interface.

Reportedly the issue may be due to the order the KB5000802 and KB5001567 are installed, with issues because caused if KB5001567 is installed before KB5000802. Uninstalling KB5001567 and re-installing KB5000802 and then KB5001567 appears to solve many of the issues.

Have any of our readers run into these problems? Let us know below.

via GHacks