PSA: Don’t download these fake Here apps


The Windows Store has a tonne of crapps (aka apps that are fake). Here at WMPU, we don’t always report about fake apps on the Windows Store. However, recently, a few fake Here Maps apps started popping up on the Windows Store following the recent drama and we think these apps need to be removed from the Store. ASAP.

Of course, we don’t recommend installing these apps. Instead, do us a favour and all the other Windows Store users and report these apps. Here are just a few of the apps which you should report:

All of the above apps are from fake developers who are submitting these apps just to earn some cash from the advertisement revenue. Some of these apps are also using Here’s logo, which is quite surprising as Microsoft was supposed to block. If you recall, Microsoft stated the company is taking action to remove all the “clutter” from the Windows Store back in May and the company was supposed to remove apps that have icons or tiles that are “too similar to other apps already in the Store”.

Apps that can’t be distinguished from other apps in the Store, have icons or titles that are too similar to other apps already in the Store, or don’t properly represent the functionality of the app may be removed.

However, as it seems like, apps such as the above fake Here apps are somehow getting away with it. Obviously, this is a serious issue which needs to be addressed really quickly. Personally, I would rather prefer to have quality apps than a tonne of apps on the Windows Store. Hopefully, Microsoft will start taking action soon – at least, let’s hope they do.