The future of HERE on Windows uncertain but existing users will be able to continue to enjoy it


We recently posted on the issue of HERE Maps’s poor availability on Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile after the apps disappeared from the store for many users, noting:

Here pushed out an update to its Windows Phone apps that neutered them for a week. This update would tell all Windows 10 mobile devices to check the store for the newest version of Here Maps and then close itself. This update came two days after the Lumia 950 had been released. Here later reverted the update two weeks later, but their app is still not available to download in the store because of some mysterious store bug that only affects Here.

Now Pino Bonetti, Social Media lead for the company, has posted a small statement in our comment section on the issue, saying:

Hi everyone, this is Pino from the HERE team. Thanks for all your feedback.

Existing HERE apps users on all Windows platforms will continue to have access to the apps. Working closely with Microsoft, we have corrected technical issues that were preventing some users from updating their HERE apps. If you still experience problems updating the HERE apps, please contact customer care at For new users, the HERE apps are temporarily unavailable in the Windows Store due to an issue unrelated to Microsoft. HERE apologizes for any inconvenience and we are working to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

The “an issue unrelated to Microsoft” suggests to me some licensing issue, but of course we do not have any detail on this. For now we continue to hope that we will get as good support from the HERE owned by Nokia as the one owned by Daimler Benz and BMW.