PS5 will “globally unify” X as the select button after 26 years



Japanese PS5 players are going to be hella confused when they go to select things on their shiny new consoles this holiday. 

Since the launch of the original PlayStation 26 years ago, Japanese gamers have always used the circle button (O) as their select button as their culture generally sees a circle used to fill in a checkbox. However, all of that is set to change this generation.

Instead of the traditional circle select, PS5 will globally unify the selection button as X. This is so that Japanese gamers who are playing first-party Sony games – typically designed by Western studios using Western control choices – aren’t constantly switching between X and O for accepting things.

The news was translated on Twitter by user Kenji Iguchi who explained that a further statement from Sony revealed that there would be no option for Japanese gamers to change the system UI back to the way they’re familiar with.

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PlayStation 5 launches this November: 12th for some countries, 19th for others. Check out the full details here. 

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