Todays PS5 software update has gone above and beyond what was said in the blog post, with updates to HDR and 120Hz support sneaking in under the radar. 

The sneaky addition to the update, adds a new option for HDR, that will automatically switch the video output to non HDR when you’re playing a game that doesn’t support the feature. 

Mercifully for PS5 users, this means you won’t have to scour the settings menu to manually disable the option to get the best experience for that content. 

Also included in this update is an option for one-touch play, which will automatically turn on and find the right input on the connected TV or monitor when you power on your PS5. Similarly, 

there is a mode that will link powering off the display to the PS5 entering rest mode. 

120Hz support has also seen improvement from this update, with Sony supporting more PC monitors that are powerful enough for the feature. Alongside this, a longstanding issue with 4K 120Hz support has been fixed on Samsung TVs so the PS5 should be looking better than ever. 

The headline feature of this update, as we covered yesterday, was the enabling of external storage to save you from downloading and deleting games while managing hard drive space among other useful features that have been missing since launch.