PS5 April update brings in long awaited storage options

April 14, 2021
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The first PS5 major update rolls out tomorrow with new social features as well as storage options. 

Thanks to this update, you will finally be able to move PS5 games to USB external storage. Sadly titles can’t be played from USB storage, even if you have a blisteringly fast drive, but it should be faster than downloading titles over and over. 

Thankfully, PlayStation has previously announced that proper storage expansion will also be coming via M.2 drives. These drives would have the speed necessary to play games directly from them, although there’s no date yet when this feature might be implemented. 

In this April update, there is also a host of new social features, such as cross-generation share play, so you can watch friends on the next or last-gen consoles play games, or even pass you the controller virtually.

Additionally, there are also enhanced customization and personalization options such as a cleaner Game Base menu, in-game chat options to mute and adjust volume, and customisation options within the game library that’ll let you hide games you’re ashamed of.

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