Proof! Toshiba back in the Windows Phone 7 game!

toshiba_tg03_gcfWe have written on and off about Toshiba getting back in the windows Phone 7 game, with various comments from people, including Toshiba executives and newspaper sources.

Now for the first time we have seen an actual device pass through a certification body, with the Toshiba TG03 passing through the GCF (via

While the::unwired notes that the TG03 could be a Windows Mobile 6.5 or even Android handset, we have heard enough from the various sources we posted about to be pretty sure we are looking at a Windows Phone 7 handset.

From the bands (800, 850 and 2100), it seems the device is heading to Telstra, which has 3G on the 850 and 2100 Mhz bands, so there is at least one more thing for our Australian readers to get excited about.

Excuse us while we take a break from all this Windows phone 7 news.  Its making us a bit breathless 🙂