Project Acrylic’s redesign concept for Windows 10 taskbar looks amazing

Microsoft is in the process of updating the design of Windows 10.  We have already seen a whole new set of icons rolling out for Microsoft apps and services, and we have also seen concepts being teased for a new Windows 10 Start Menu by Microsoft’s design team.  In addition, there has been a lot of work on Windows 10x, which looks moderately different from Windows 10.

As is often the case, independent designers have also weighed in with their ideas of what Windows 10 should look like with the new Windows 10 Acrylic design language.  One of them is designer vGlad, who has posted a number of different Project Acrylic concepts for Windows 10.  Their latest effort is a remake of the much neglected Windows 10 taskbar, and I think the results speak for themselves.

As mentioned earlier, vGlad has been doing a lot of other Windows 10 design work.  See a collection of their Windows 10 concepts in the gallery below:

Check out more of vGlad’s work in his account here.

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