Poll: Windows Mobile 7 being announced at MWC, HD2 getting it – do you believe?

Now we have run into a few sceptics in our comment section, and of course more widely on the internet. We decided therefore to tabulate the evidence we have for Windows Mobile 7 being announced at Mobile World Congress, and of course coming to the HTC HD2.

Evidence for Windows Mobile 7 announcement at Mobile World Congress, release at the end of the year

As of October 2009 Windows Mobile 7 was on track.

An October slide leaked from Microsoft spoke of a Sprint 2010 Release To Manufacturers of Windows Mobile 7.

ZDNet leaked a Maldives test program for Windows Mobile 7 for Q1 2010, for shipping in Q3 2010.

Windows Mobile 7 is in testing. You don’t test an OS a year before release.

A reliable XDA-Dev tipster said the OS would come in Q3 2010.

Digitimes leaked a Q4 timescale for WM7.

Phil Moore from Microsoft says in December Windows Mobile 7 is coming late next year.

LG says they will ship Windows Mobile 7 handsets in 2010. If the handsets are set to ship at the end of the year, the OS needs to e announced soon, and MWC has been the traditional location for this for Microsoft.  Where else if not there?

Robbie Bach said they would discuss a product that’s not evolutionary, but looks, feels and acts completely different at Mobile World Congress. Whatever Windows Mobile 6.5.3 is, it is certainly evolutionary.

Office Vice President Kurt Delbene confirmed that Microsoft will be unveiling its plans for Windows Mobile 7 at the MIX 2010 conference in March 2010.  This is after Mobile World Congress.

Evidence for WM7 on the HTC HD2

The HTC HD2 matches the Chassis 1 specs for Windows Mobile 7.

The HTC HD2’s Snapdragon processor supports Windows Mobile 7

Besides the previous leaks about Chassis 1, we have confirmation from leaked CV’s that Qualcomm was working on supporting Windows Mobile 7 on their Snapdragon processor.

Greg Sullivan spoke of the platform work – the only mobile OS we know of with specific hardware requirements is Windows Mobile 7.

HTC HD2’’s HTC Sense UI contains Windows Mobile 7 references.

HTC confirmed an upgrade via Twitter.  Despite retracting it again, the initial confirmation appeared much more truthful than the much later retraction.

HTC Support staff confirming the HTC HD2 getting a free upgrade.

While the comment that support staff often know nothing is usually pretty accurate, HTC is still a small company, and the claim of a November or later free upgrade very specific.


Now after 2 hours of sifting through our Windows Mobile 7 coverage I am quite convinced.  Are you?  Let us know in the poll below.

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