HTC Leo – first phone to support Windows Mobile 7 upgrade



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We had the official specs leaked earlier, and of note is this one line:

support Multi-Touch capability for WM7 Chassis

This is the first “official” indication we have seen that the HTC Leo supports Windows Mobile 7, in hardware at least.

Previously concern have been that the internal ROM is not large enough, but this line suggests it may come in more than one partition.

ROM: 512 MB / RAM: 320 MB / HD: 207.13MB

Besides the 512 MB Flash storage (which for Windows Mobile 7 needed to be “fast flash”) there appears to be another partition with 207 MB, likely part of a further 512 MB.

Of course with a digital compass, accelerometer, capacitive screen and 1 Ghz processor the HTC Leo meets all the requirements set earlier, which suggests strongly that even if HTC never releases an official Windows Mobile 7 upgrade for the device, XDA-Developers will as usual be able to take care of that little detail.

See the full HTC Leo official specs here and the ‘Chasis 1’ specs here.

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