Windows Mobile 7 coming “late next year”


11, 2009

In a Q&A session at the ‘Connect!’ technology summit in London recently, Microsoft UK head of mobility Phil Moore confirmed Windows Mobile 7 will not be showing up very soon.

"It has been put back until late next year but it is definitely coming. You’re going to see a lot more on Windows Mobile 7. Giving the enterprise users and consumers what they want will be part of Windows Mobile 7. You’ll get flexibility on a much easier touch UI."

Late 2010 suggests a Q4 rather than Q3 launch. The launch date is important for buyers deciding if its worth waiting for the improved user interface of the upcoming OS, or buying a handset now.

Windows Mobile 7 has been an OS that appears to have been eternally delayed, with the software seemingly in development since 2005, and having seen rumoured launch dates as early as 2008. Hopefully in the increasingly competitive environment we will not see further slippage of the major software project.

Read more at MobileNews here.


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