Pokémon Go lifetime revenue crosses $3.6 billion in four years

July 8, 2020
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Niantic’s augmented reality game Pokémon Go has raked in more than $3.6 billion over the course of its lifetime. 

Reported by mobile game revenue trackers Sensor Tower, Pokémon Go has generated the incredibly impressive revenue stream in just four years.

By this time last year, the augmented reality catch-em-all game had earned a total of $2.9 billion.

Sensor Tower does note that Pokémon Go finally has a competitor in Japan: Dragon Quest Walk. With the series’ colossal popularity in Japan,  the augmented reality game has earned an impressive $540 million in just nine months.

However, outside of Japan, Pokémon Go’s Western contemporaries have failed to bring in anywhere close to that game’s massive income.

In comparison, Jurassic Park Alive has raked in $76.5 million. Tencent’s competitor, Let’s Hunt Monsters, has brought in a total of $70 million.

Despite its age, Niantic’s Pokémon game continues to climb in revenue year-on-year.

Pokémon Go revenue

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