Sony’s upcoming next-gen PS5 console may bring back a beloved Xbox One feature: Snap. 

The feature, which launched on Xbox One before its unfortunate removal, allowed players to dedicate a fifth of their screen to another application such as YouTube, Netflix or Skype. Sony’s version on the other hand is moreso a standard picture-in-picture display.

The information comes in the form of a new Sony patent, published by The Game Post, which shows how the PS5 could utilize an Xbox One-esque Snap mode for future convenience.

PlayStation 5 PS5 patent Xbox One Snap

Sony’s patent would allow players to alter where the secondary application – such as YouTube for watching a video game walkthrough – displayed and how large it would be. Players would be able to change which corner of the screen the picture-in-picture app took up so as not to distract from the PS5 game the user is playing.

Xbox One’s Snap feature was controversially removed from the console back in 2017 to help improve the console’s overall performance. Microsoft hasn’t commented on whether or not they’ll bring back the feature for the next-gen Xbox Series X, but they will allow players to have multiple games open in the background.