Players in CS:GO are unable to open loot boxes in Belgium and the Netherlands



Players in Belgium and the Netherlands jumping into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have found themselves unable to open loot boxes. This isn’t due to a glitch, however. Loot boxes are being blocked in these countries on purpose.

In compliance with local gambling laws, CS:GO’s latest update from Valve effectively blocked loot boxes in both countries. Because you never know what you’re getting when purchasing a loot box, authorities recently labelled them as a form of illegal gambling.

If you live in either country and have unopened loot boxes, you’re unfortunately out of luck.

Loot boxes were at the forefront of the news late last year after Star Wars Battlefront II’s infamous microtransactions controversy, which saw lawmakers around the world speak out regarding the subject. They’re a point of contention within gaming communities, so most see them as anti-consumer practices.

Via: ScreenRant

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