You can play Starfield on Xbox or PC now with a single purchase

August 1, 2023
play starfield on xbox or pc

You’ll be able to play Starfield on both your PC and Xbox, with a single purchase of the game, all thanks to the fact that Microsoft has added the game to the Xbox Play Anywhere.

The Xbox Play Anywhere tag appears on Starfield’s Xbox store page. You’ll be able to own the game on both platforms at no additional cost, and Microsoft is making it even easier to play Starfield on every device. The save files will seamlessly carry over to PC, Xbox, and Cloud. So you can start a Starfield mission on Xbox, and finish it on your Windows 11 gaming laptop.

This is excellent news, considering that Starfield is already a Microsoft exclusive. This means you will only be able to play on Windows 11 devices and Xbox.

Starfield is already one of the most anticipated video games in recent history, and its initial release of November 11 2022 was pushed to September 2023. More time means more expectations, but Microsoft is certain Starfield will be a winner for the Redmond-based tech giant, and the Xbox consoles in general.

And to make sure it succeeds (and it will, the hype around the game is one of the biggest in the industry’s recent history), Microsoft is putting up a marketing effort to strengthen the title’s presence everywhere. For example, the company has recently released a Starfield controller for Xbox. And there are rumors a limited Starfield-inspired Xbox console will be released.

Are you ready for Starfield? Will you play it on your Xbox or PC? Let us know in the comment section below.


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