P.T fan discovers that the game’s terrifying antagonist is always behind you



As if Hideo Kojima‘s horror game masterpiece P.T wasn’t terrifying enough, a fan of the title has managed to make the game even creepier.

P.T fan Lance McDonald, a gamer who’s well-known for modding other games like Bloodborne, has discovered that the game’s antagonist is always creeping behind you. Always!

By delving into the code and unlocking the game’s first-person camera, McDonald revealed that Lisa is always attached to you. No matter where you go, she’ll always be gripped to your back. Has anyone else seen Shutter?

While it is terrifying enough to know that Lisa can get you at any time, McDonald’s discovery makes it even scarier. There’s no coding trickery here, the monster you feel behind you is always behind you.

While P.T has been killed by Konami, many fan remakes have been released. Some even introduce VR into the mix which is bound the give me a heart attack. If you’re brave enough for that, you can brag about it in the comments.

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