Konami’s Silent Hills was shaping up to be one of the best horror experiences fans of the genre would ever see – then it got canceled. Ever since it’s cancellation, fans have been trying to remake what made the game so special through their own spiritual successors. Now, P.T is back thanks to this impressive Unreal Engine 4 recreation.

Created by Itch.io user RadiusGordello, Unreal PT is a from-the-ground-up remake of the popular horror teaser. Over the course of nine months, Gordello has impressively brought the game back to its former glory.

All models, textures, animations and more were fully recreated from scratch along with its gameplay. For those who love the original, Unreal PT is near-perfect in its recreation. Unlike the original, the game’s controls are explained to you as you play. Also, the ending has been slightly tweaked to make beating the experience slightly “more consistent”.

As a fan of the original game, Unreal PT is a dream come true. It may not be an absolutely perfect recreation, but it’s remarkably close. RadiusGordello may have just created the best horror experience on PC.

Download Unreal PT here.