OnePlus apparently just gave details about its upcoming OnePlus Buds Z

by Rahul
September 29, 2020

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OnePlus is said to be planning to release as much as five new products alongside the OnePlus 8T on October 14. We recently reported that a new ‘lite’ version of its OnePlus Buds called OnePlus Buds Z could be one of the five new products that it is planning to release. Well, the likelihood of the OnePlus Buds Z launching on October 14 has now increased as the Twitter handle of OnePlus India seems to have just given details of new light-weight truly wireless earbuds.

Although the tweet didn’t mention OnePlus Buds Z, it does reveal that its upcoming truly wireless earbuds weigh only 4.35 grams vs OnePlus Buds, which weigh 4.6 grams. It also reveals that the earbuds “fits perfectly in your ear” and give immersive audio experience. Beyond that, the company didn’t share any details about the product, though it does suggest that the company is working towards launching a new light-weight truly wireless earbuds.

We currently don’t have much information about OnePlus’ upcoming OnePlus Buds Z. In other words, information related to price, specs, availability is not known at this moment. We’ll surely get more information as we get close to the release date.

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