OnePlus may launch a new flagship phone this year, but it won’t be an ‘Ultra’

June 3, 2022

A few months ago, there were rumors that OnePlus would release an ‘Ultra’ variant to the OnePlus 10 handset, which will be more premium than the OnePlus 10 Pro. But reliable OnePlus leaker Max Jambor has claimed a slightly different story from what rumors suggested previously.

Jambor claims that OnePlus has only one flagship handset in the pipeline for a release later this year. However, the upcoming flagship won’t be an ‘Ultra.’ OnePlus 10T 5G will be its official name.

Jambor also claims that the new OnePlus 10T will be a better phone than the current OnePlus 10 Pro when it comes to performance. However, the camera performance of the two will be similar. The tipster has also confirmed that there will be no ‘Ultra’ variant this year. There won’t be anything such as “OnePlus 10” either.

Nothing more than the existence of the OnePlus 10T has leaked. But if the 10T is the same handset that previous rumors claimed to be the ‘Ultra’ model, the former will be more expensive than the 10 Pro. It might cost the price of a Galaxy S22 Ultra. However, tipsters haven’t shared anything about the specifications of the new OnePlus 10T.

According to previous rumors, the OnePlus 10 Ultra was supposed to release in the late Q3 of 2022, and now if the 10T is the OnePlus 10 Ultra with a different name, the company may be targeting the August-September launch windows for the phone.

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