OneNote’s Windows 10 app now lets you protect notebooks with password, and more

OneNote’s Windows 10 app is getting a major update today. Microsoft has been testing the new major update for a while now — Redmond actually rolled out the new features to Windows Insiders in the Fast Ring earlier this month, and Insiders in the Slow Ring got it only a day later. And now, the new set of features are available to all Windows 10 users running the latest version of OneNote.

Microsoft has actually published a pretty neat changelog for the update which lists the most notable new additions. For me, the most useful feature that’s being added with the new update is the ability to password protect different sections in notebooks. Once you password protect a section, you will be required to enter a password everytime you open it up (in a new session) — and once you unlock the section, you can change the password or even remove the password if you want. Password-protected sections is a very nice feature in OneNote, but Microsoft needs to add Windows Hello integration to make this feature even more useful for those who own a device that supports Windows Hello.

Microsoft is adding a couple of other new features to the app with the latest update, including the ability to drag-and-drop notebooks to re-order them. Here’s the full changelog:

  • Reorder your notebooks: Sort your notebooks however you like. Simply click and drag a notebook to reorder it in the list.
  • Password protection: Add a password to a section to keep your notes safe from prying eyes.
  • Create diagrams or flow charts: Use the Shapes gallery to insert perfect circles, squares, arrows and more.
  • Save images and files: Save your favorite picture or an important file outside of OneNote. Just right-click and save it to a location you specify.
  • New page placement: Quickly add a new page below the currently selected one, rather than at the bottom of the page list.
  • Change the layer order: Put tables, note containers, pictures, and shapes into your notes and then arrange which are in front and which are behind.
  • Paragraph handles: Grab the paragraph handles and reorder or collapse text on the page.
  • New bullet styles: Tired of plain old bullets? Spice up your notes with dashes, arrows, diamonds, and more

OneNote’s latest update is available to all Windows 10 users right now, and you can try out the new features, including password-protected sections in the app by downloading the latest update from the Windows Store below.

OneNote for Windows 10
OneNote for Windows 10
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