Nvidia GeForce Now brings cloud gaming to Chromebooks

August 18, 2020
GeForce Now

Chromebooks aren’t a great platform for gaming, but Nvidia may be set to change that as the GeForce Now streaming service has just become available on the dinky Chrome OS laptops. 

Available for free or with a Pro membership that gives users remote access to a high-end PC with ray-tracing capabilities, GeForce Now allows gamers to stream high-end PC games to their phone or laptop without the need to buy high-end hardware to run them.

While the service was already available on PC, Mac, Android and iOS, the video game streaming service has only just become available on Chrome OS. However, not all Chromebooks are able to use the service.

Those who wish to use GeForce Now on their Chromebooks will need to make sure they’re running at least a 7th Gen Intel Core m3 CPU and a minimum of 4GB of RAM.

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For more GeForce news, check out the long-awaited arrival of Minecraft: Education Edition for the system. It’s got bees and stuff. Very cool.

If you’re looking for more streaming news, Apple has just patented their competitor to Microsoft’s Project xCloud while they’re protectively blocking the service from being available to iOS users.

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