NPD confirms Windows Phone 7 holds 2% market share in USA in Q2 2011


22, 2011

Author Surur // in News

imageThe NPD have released some market share numbers for smartphones in the USA, and confirmed as usual strong sales of Android, which is now 52% of the market, and the collapse of sales of RIM’s Blackberries, now 11% of the market, down from 16% 3 months earlier.

Of interest to Windows Phone 7 owners is that the NPD has confirmed numbers released recently by Kantar Wordpanel, who claimed Windows Phone 7 had 2.1% of US smartphone market.

According to Ross Rubin from the NPD Windows Phone 7 hand 2% market share in Q2 2011, about the same as Q1 2011 and certainly not the collapse we which Gartner suggested recently.

In essence Windows Phone 7 had been in somewhat of a holding pattern, with steady but not spectacular sales, something we hope the release of new devices will help address very soon.

Read more of the NPD’s report at the BGR here.

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