Nokia clarifies Lumia 635 proximity and light sensor issue, and the answer might surprise you

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8th April 9th April

We posted a week ago that the Nokia Lumia 63x range was somewhat bereft on sensors, lacking both a light and proximity sensor.

There followed a bit of controversy, with WPCentral and apparently Nokia claiming the device does sport the full bevy of accelerometer, Ambient Light Sensor and Proximity sensor, with Nokia’s Developer documentation being trotted out as support. This is despite Daniel Rubino himself saying on the Windows Weekly podcast “they are actually pretty barren. I don’t think it even has an ambient light sensor…” (15:30)

imageDuring all this time Nokia’s Lumia 630 and 635 specification pages for consumers continued to insist the device only had an accelerometer, and it seems sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday last week Nokia’s Developer pages also fell in line, with any reference to the extra sensors disappearing.

While Nokia has muddied the waters somewhat by calling the device the 630 and 635, which suggests the handset has higher specifications than the 520, Nokia made no secret that they were planning to push Windows Phone to lower and lower price points and it should be no surprise that this will mean a lowering of specifications.