Nintendo seeking action against RomUniverse for not paying $50

July 5, 2021

Nintendo is seeking a permanent injunction against RomUniverse and its creator Matthew Storman due to not paying the first monthly 50$ payment. 

After being defeated in a lawsuit back in May, Matthew Storman was ordered to pay over $2.1 million in damages due to Nintendo claiming that Storman uploaded and distributed pirated Nintendo games on the RomUniverse website. 

Unsurprisingly this had the website shut down for a while, but the judge presiding over the case decided not to issue a permanent injunction which would have shut the site down for good. With Nintendo considering RomUniverse a threat they’re not too happy with that result, and now that the opportunity has arisen, they’re going back in for the killing blow. 

Due to Storman claiming that he was unemployed in the first lawsuit, his $2.1 million in damages was split up into easy monthly instalments of $50 for the next 3500 years. Failing to make this first payment however had rightfully drawn Nintendo’s ire, believing that he may continue to operate RomUniverse and ignore the past lawsuit. 

Because of this lack of payment, Nintendo has argued in the new lawsuit that “this failure to make even the modest $50/month payment, an amount that he proposed and agreed to, demonstrates that Nintendo has no adequate remedy at law for Defendant’s past or future infringement and underscores the need for a permanent injunction.” 

It’s hardly a surprise that Nintendo would go after people and companies distributing ROM’s of their past games, as these are games they could package up and sell on their online storefront in collections and remasters, or even in mini consoles that Nintendo has said they’re not completely done with just yet.

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