Next year’s iPhone may finally have USB-C


16, 2022

After an unhealthy amount of litigation, Apple may finally be making the switch to USB-C connectors on their iPhones next year. 

According to a new Bloomberg report, courtesy of their “people with knowledge of the situation,” this year may be the last time that iPhone users are burdened with the slower connection and tedium of using Apple’s proprietary Lightning connector. 

Alongside plans to launch next year’s iPhone with a USB-C connector, Apple is reportedly also working on a USB-C to Lightning adapter, in order to allow users to keep using their current accessories that use Apple’s proprietary reversible connector. 

As a long-requested and much sought-after update to the iPhone, it makes a lot of sense that Apple is finally testing making the switch to USB-C on its most popular devices, especially after the iPad model line made the switch to USB-C and remained as popular as ever in spite of the new connector. 

Unfortunately for those looking forward to making the switch to USB-C this year, Apple reportedly won’t be making the switch until 2023, as this year’s iPhone models will continue to use the Lightning connector. 

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This Bloomberg report follows tweets from reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who similarly stated that Apple will abandon their Lightning connector in “2H23” in favor of USB-C, in order to improve file transfer and charging speeds.

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