Alleged iPhone 14 front panel leaks

April 29, 2022

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Images of the display panel of what are likely different models of the “iPhone 14” series have leaked on Chinese social media Weibo. The leaked images have given us our best look at the display.

According to the images, not all “iPhone 14” displays will feature a pill-shaped camera cutout to house the front camera. Only the “iPhone 14 Pro” and “iPhone 14 Pro Max” models will have that design. Other iPhone models in the rumored series will include “iPhone 14” and “iPhone 14 Max,” all of which are expected to retain the notch design. Interestingly enough, we don’t see an “iPhone 14 Mini” in the “14” series.

A leaker on Twitter has also confirmed that the alleged “iPhone 14 Pro” will have thinner bezels. The aspect ratio will be slightly different in the “Pro” model.

According to previous rumors, the “iPhone 14 Pro” will also have a more rounded design. However, all these rumors are not what we should believe entirely. These may or may not be the final design. Nevertheless, the leaked design comes from multiple reliable sources, so there is no reason not to believe it.

Rumor also has it that The ‘Pro’ and the ‘Pro Max’ iPhone 14 would be the only two models to get Apple’s A16 processor, while the other two models, “iPhone 14” and 14 “Max,” will rock last year’s A15.

Meanwhile, Apple is rumored to release the iPhone 14 series at an event likely to happen in the month of September. But before that, Apple will hold its annual developer conference in June to announce a lot of new stuff. Of course, we will write everything that Apple announces at their future events.

Which Apple event(s) are you most excited about the most and why? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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