Next-gen third-person shooter Outriders won’t have microtransactions or Denuvo


29, 2020

Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly has discussed numerous aspects of their next-gen third-person shooter Outriders to quell the worries of fans. 

Revealed during a livestream of the upcoming next-gen title, Square Enix community manager Robbie Palme explained some of the game’s technicalities that were questioned by fans.

The first big question from fans was whether or not Outriders would be including microtransactions for in-game loot or cosmetic skins. Thankfully, it won’t.

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While the game is a cooperative looter-shooter, People Can Fly has exaggerated that the game is not a live service game in the same vein as The Division 2 – instead its more similar to Borderlands.

Fans of PC gaming should also be happy that Outriders will also not be including Denuvo DRM to protect the game against piracy. While it might have a version of DRM to help protect sales, the solution is confirmed to not be Denuvo.

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