New Xbox Wireless Headset was in last year’s Xbox Series X ads


17, 2021

Oh, Microsoft, you sneaky, sneaky snakes. The recently announced Xbox Wireless Headset was right in front of our eyes all along! 

Following yesterday’s announcement of the Xbox Wireless Headset, Twitter user Patrick Maka cleverly remembered that the headset was previously shown front and center by Get Out actor Daniel Kaluuya in Microsoft’s initial Power Your Dreams advert.

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The official Xbox Twitter account responded to the post to say, “We don’t always hide things in plain sight… but when we do: it’s awesome hardware.”

Microsoft recently got away with hiding a far more high-profile release than the Xbox Wireless Headset: the Xbox Series S.

Before the official announcement of the often-leaked budget-focused Xbox Series console, Xbox boss Phil Spencer had the console placed vertically during his on-camera appearances. Very sneaky.

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