Microsoft releases Xbox Series advert staring Daniel Kaluuya

October 9, 2020
Xbox Series X advert

Microsoft has released the first Xbox Series advert staring Get Out actor Daniel Kaluuya. 

Titled Us Dreamers, the first Xbox Series next-gen advertisement sees the Get Out actor get thrust into the many Xbox worlds that players can experience on Xbox such as Sea of Thieves and Halo.

The trailer also features a new song by Euphoria composer Labrinth called No Ordinary, “an inspirational audio experience that uplifts the storytelling and complements the visual spectacle seen in Us Dreamers.”

“With the global launch of the Power Your Dreams campaign, we turn to the positive experience that gaming provides us all. Power Your Dreams speaks to the idea that when we game – whether on console, PC or phone, we dream,” said Senior Manager of Xbox Integrated Marketing Josh Munsee.

“Sometimes we dream about being someone else or about being our true selves. Sometimes we dream of an epic win with a group of friends or a solo adventure that challenges what we think we’re capable of. And sometimes we dream of first place or making this world a better place.”

Check out the new Xbox Series advert below:

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