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New WhatsApp update will allow you to send messages to people without saving their numbers

WhatsApp is one of the most used IMs in the world and is working hard to maintain its dominance. Recently the company has announced many features like better admin control, ability to delete messages, etc. Now, it is working on another important feature for the users.

Called ‘Click to Chat’, it will allow users to message people who aren’t in their contact list. This will eliminate the hassle of saving unnecessary numbers just to message them once. This feature will be handy for people who engage in a lot of one-time conversations. WhatsApp has been testing this feature on both Android and iOS and here’s how you could use it.

  • Create a link using WhatsApp API to send the message. The link should start with API and end with the phone number you want to send the message to. So the final link will look something like: “ code+phone number”
  • Paste the above link into any browser like Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge and it will ask if you want to send the message to that number.
  • Click Message and it will open WhatsApp chat with the number.
  • Alternatively you could add the message at the end of the link to directly send the message to the number. In this case, the final link should look something like: “ code+phone number&text=test”.

That’s it. This is how you can send the message to numbers which aren’t saved into your contact list. You can head to the comments section below to share your thoughts on this feature.


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