New Surface devices will come with a bezel-less display and USB Type-C support

by Anmol
September 27, 2019

Microsoft is expected to announce a couple of Surface-branded hardware at their annual event on October 2 in New York. The company is also rumoured to announce some of the classic peripherals along with Surface devices.

According to a previous rumour, Microsoft might go with AMD for their Surface devices this year. A new leak suggests that Surface 7 “Campus” may be the ARM-powered variant of Surface Pro 7 and may come with a significantly changed design. According to Frandroid who claims to have seen the new devices, the Surface Pro 7 will come with a bezel-less display similar to that of iPad Pro. The device will also replace the MiniDisplay port and USB-A port with USB Type-C port. There will be different variants of Surface Pro 7 which includes a variant with the old design with USB-A port and another device which will be powered by 10th gen Intel processors.

Moving on, the Surface Laptop is also expected to get a minor design overhaul. Microsoft is rumoured to launch the new Surface Laptop 3 without Alcantara fibre. There is also a chance that the Surface Laptop will be powered by an AMD chipset instead of Intel. Additionally, the device will also come with multiple USB Type-C ports and will give customers a choice between the new yellow sandstone, glacier blue, and poppy red colours. We expect Microsoft to continue offering the new device in the old colours: black, platinum, blue, and red as well.

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