New report suggests that Samsung has finally fixed the Galaxy Fold

by Anmol
July 3, 2019

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Earlier this year, Samsung launched its first foldable smartphone but the device was riddled with issues which forced Samsung to cancel the launch. In case you forgot, immediately after the launch, reporters and reviewers claimed that Galaxy Fold was broke after days of use. Some of the reviewers confirmed that they removed a plastic layer thinking it was protective plastic applied by Samsung to prevent damage during shipping.

Samsung later confirmed that the plastic layer was actually a part of the display and was not supposed to be removed. Samsung did, however, cancelled the launch and decided to check the device again before it was sold to the public.

Now, Bloomberg (via Neowin) is reporting that almost 6 months after the launch Samsung is finally ready to ship Galaxy Fold. After the feedback from the reviewers, the film will now “wrap around the entire screen and flow into the outer bezels”, so customers won’t be able to remove it. Not only that, but Samsung has also changed hinge which now reduces the crease and makes the protective plastic a part of the display.

Unfortunately, Samsung is still not confident enough to share a release date and some sources are reporting that the device won’t make an appearance next month at the Samsung Unpacked event. That said, the new report does confirm that the device is ready so we can expect Samsung to ship the components and the final design to the manufacturing unit soon.

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