New evidence of Samsung Galaxy Fold design flaw emerges, launch reportedly delayed

by Surur
April 22, 2019

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It appears the Verge’s experience with a foreign body under the screen of their Samsung Galaxy Fold review unit was not an isolated incident.

Swiss publication reports their handset suffered a similar fate.

They report their review device was initially flawless, but one day suddenly developed a bump under the screen which felt like a grain of sand.  In their case it fortunately did not cause permanent damage to the screen and appeared to disappear spontaneously after an hour,  but it still reflects poorly on the ultimate longevity of the device.

We had earlier reported that Samsung has cancelled their launch event in China, and now there are further reports that their events in Singapore and Spain have also been cancelled. According to the Wall Street Journal the official launch has now been pushed back at least to May as Samsung investigates the display issues.

Hopefully, like the aborted Note 7 launch, Samsung will use this early feedback to rethink the launch and rework the device before it becomes an even bigger disaster.


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